Car Engine Shine

Car Engine Shine


We all want the outside of our cars to look clean. It is also important that your car’s engine stay clean in order for it to run like it just rolled off the showroom floor. When your engine is clean, it can cool more efficiently, and there is less wear on your bearings and pulleys,

Before you start, gather the following materials: a small hand brush, plastic bags and tape as extra protection, degreaser, water hose and a microfiber cloth.

Now, you are ready to begin. 1) Take the small hand brush and wipe off any excess debris that may be trapped in your grill, hood, or vent openings.

2) Cover sensors, exposed wiring, the distributor, and spark plug openings with the bags and tape to prevent the water from getting these items soaked. 3) Start your car and let it run 5-10 minutes to loosen the accumulated grease and oil on the engine.

4) Apply the degreaser. Start from the bottom up so that the degreaser won’t drip down on you. Let the degreaser soak in for about three to five minutes depending on how dirty it is. 5) Once time is up for the degreaser, hose it off with a regular garden hose with the nozzle adjusted to “stream”.

6) Letting it air dry will leave water spots. After a few minutes of letting the engine dry itself, wipe it down with a clean microfiber towel.

Now your engine should reflect the rest of your car – showroom floor shine!