Restore Faded Plastic and Rubber

Restore Faded Plastic and Rubber

Before JeepAfter Jeep

Plastic, rubber, and vinyl are used for the exterior molding, bumpers and trim of cars. This material is also known as polymers which are an essential part on most cars today. All black trim pieces are not created equal. Some trim pieces are hard and smooth or hard and textured while others are soft and rubberized or pure rubber. These polymers: plastic, rubber and vinyl must be properly cared for and maintained to retain the original appearance.

What causes the plastic and rubber on your car to fade? The polymers: plastic, rubber and trim are subjected to the sun’s UV rays, heat, road tar and dirt, oxygen and other weather elements. These elements causes fading (greyness) and early aging as well as loss of shine and cracking. It is not possible for all owners to keep their cars in a garage. It is possible to care for your car’s exterior and keep it looking like it came off the showroom floor despite the age.

Prevention requires proper maintenance. Just as you have to protect your skin from the sun by adding a layer of protection usually with sunscreen. You also need to protect your car by using a layer of protection. Some products only offer a “Band-Aid” solution or cover-up.

Spuddy’s Swift Wax is the answer. It is an all-natural wax that can be used on the entire vehicle. It can protect and restore the body, plastic, trim, bumper and car wraps. Spuddy’s Swift Wax is the only wax that can be use on the exterior and interior of the car. It is chemical free and does not contain silicon or petroleum which are common ingredients in most car care products. The moisture in our patent pending wax penetrates the painted surface, plastic or rubber to restore the natural color and shine. It does not have to dry, you simply wipe on and wipe off. It will not streak or leave a white residue. Spuddy’s Swift Wax is the only product you need to keep your car looking like you just bought it.

The picture of the Jeep before and after shows you how the wax can make a difference on the entire car including the plastic.