Car Wash and Wax

Car Wash and Wax

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Car Wash and Wax! You probably bought your car because of the showroom floor shine it had. Now that the shine has faded you no longer give it the same attention and care it needs. Most people treat their car the way they view it. If you view it as mere transportation, you may give little thought to how you care for it.  If you consider it a proud possession, then you probably will be more attentive.  No matter how you see your vehicle, it is important to care for it so it maintains the original shine and protects the resale value. You can have that shine again! The secret is proper detailing. Detailing will recapture the car’s showroom look and restore the factory finish. A regular car wash and wax won’t do the same but is better than not caring for it at all.

With regular care you can keep even a very old car looking shiny like new. Washing and waxing also prevents rust and keeps your car’s paint job looking flawless. When a car is clean, moisture can dry quickly. However, when the cars’ surface is dirty, moisture remains on the car leading to corrosion and rust.

You should wash your car at least once a week but no less that once a month to ensure the best paint durability and results. Hand washing is best, but if necessary use a car wash that is brushless with high pressure water. It is also important to occasionally pressure wash your vehicle to remove dirt from behind moldings, undercarriage, sidewalls and wheel wells.

Washing your car regularly is important because bird droppings, dead bugs and other outdoor elements will cause damage to the paint if not washed off before it dries. You must also clean off the dirt and sand from under the windshield wiper blades. Sand and dirt that gets caught under the wiper blades can cause scratches on your windshield. Cleaning the leaves and other debris from the areas below the windshield is necessary because it can collect the moisture, causing a damp smell inside your car.

You should wax your car at least every 3-4 months with a good quality non-abrasive wax to protect the paint.  Once a year put some wax on the door jams and the underside of the trunk.  Waxing helps protect paint from damaging UV rays and helps keep your car’s original paint from fading and deteriorating. In addition, you should use only a high quality automotive wax such as Spuddy’s Swift Wax for best results. A good-quality wax will stay on the car for several months without streaking when it rains. Spuddy’s Swift Wax is the only all-natural car wax that can be use on the entire vehicle, body, trim, plastic, bumper and wraps. It easy as wipe-on and wipe-off, with no need to let it dry. Try it today and you will never use a traditional wax again.