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Headlight Restorer


Spuddy’s Headlight Restorer: Quickly and Easily Restores Clarity, Brightness and Visibility to Dull Headlight Lenses. Approximately 7 sets of headlights

  • Step One

    Before use, clean and dry headlight lenses so they are free from grit.
  • Step Two

    Apply a small amount of Spuddy’s Headlight Restorer to the headlight lenses with a clean cloth.
  • Step Three

    Spread evenly on the entire lens using a plush microfiber cloth or buffer.
  • Step Four

    Gently wipe off in one direction using a soft microfiber cloth to remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints.

Product may be applied by hand or buffer as often as needed. Lenses with heavy oxidation may require several applications. Spuddy’s Headlight Restorer will not repair lenses that have pits or damage on the inside. Store in a cool dry place

Over time due to weather and road wear, headlight lenses become yellow and dull which can make night driving dangerous. Spuddy’s Headlight Restorer is a fast and easy way to remove haze and restore your headlights brightness. In minutes, it quickly removes the oxidation build-up that causes headlight lenses to turn yellow and dull. With our special formula, there is no need for buffing, sanding, taping or drilling. Our easy wipe-on, wipe-off method delivers superior results and enhances visibility, clarity and safety. If used several times a year, you can save time and prevent the oxidation build-up on your headlights.

Note: If your headlights are pitted or damaged from the inside of the lenses they will need to be replaced.