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Premium Spray Wax


Spuddy’s Premium Spray Wax is a spray on- wipe off formula that offers a high gloss, wet look finish for that showroom floor shine.  (Approximately 13 applications)

  • Step One

    Before use, clean and dry the vehicle so treatment areas are free from grit.
  • Step Two

    SHAKE WELL before and during use. Apply a thin coat of Spuddy’s Premium Spray Wax directly on the painted surface one panel or area at a time.
  • Step Three

    Spread evenly using a plush microfiber cloth.
  • Step Four

    Gently wipe off in one direction using a soft microfiber cloth to remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints.

Shake well before and during use. Store in a cool dry place.

Spuddy’s Premium Spray Wax is a fast and easy way to wax, shine and protect any vehicle.  Traditional waxes require messy, tedious and time-consuming application process to achieve results.  Our premium wax sprays on in seconds to create a reflective shine and protect a vehicle’s color from harmful pollutants.  Our special formula creates long-lasting protection to preserve your finish and paintwork.  The formula contains advanced UV blockers to protect your car from the harmful effects of the sun.  


Spuddy’s Spray Wax is a premium wax that’s easy-to-use and may be applied to wet or dry vehicles. It creates long-lasting protection and preserves your finish and paintwork. This premium spray wax leaves a brilliant, reflective shine without the messy, time consuming process of traditional waxes. This premium spray wax can be applied in seconds and will shine and protect your vehicle’s color from harmful pollutants. Our unique, branded formula also has UV blocker to protect you vehicle from harmful effects of the sun.

Spuddy’s Spray Wax Premium formula must be shaken well before and during use so that the ingredients do not settle to the bottom.

The specially designed trigger offers an easy to apply mist on-off safety lock feature.